Greatest Traffic Mod by adi2003de v14

Mod for Farming Simulator 2017 in category AI

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The further development on my trafficmod…
Whats new:
The slow traffic are on all country roads .. not only near a city … it is like more realistic.

The Trucks and Busses are no more on the 3. Lane on the Highway

( There are a 1% Failrate of the calculating by the game )
What about else :
This mod changed the complete standard Traffic.
All Cars and Truck get transmissions, adjusts of power and Speed.

So it change completly the Traffic… on Hills there are no more sleeper . the accleration will be better …
All of this i changed the Traffic_Data up to 112 Cars .. So you get more Traffic.
Rush Hours included from 6 to 9 am and 18 to 20 PM.

Complete Traffic respawn at 3 o´clock
It is comatible with all Trafficmods. you have only to set this mode above the other trafficmods in the Modmanager



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