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ETS2 game version 1.36
- Change all standart scs trucks retarder sounds.
- All trucks using different sounds.
- Engine brake sounds adjusted.
- Some trucks using old voıth retarder sound some of new.
- Scania next gen and mercedes mp4 using voıth aquatarder.
- ivecos using telma retarders.
- Added new voıth gen3 sounds for d38 Man trucks.
- New volvo using gen 2, old volvo using gen 1 voıth.
- This mod add new engine brake sound for MAN TGX EURO6 and MERCEDES BENZ TRUCKS.
- FİNALLY Renault range t using voıth gen3 and engine brake sound change.
- You can support me to doıng premium download.

Version 3.0:

- İveco trucks new retarder and engine brake sounds added.
- Have fun.

Version 4.0
- Daf euro 6 new engine brake sound added.
- Renault magnum engine brake sound added.
- Scania v8 engines engine brake added.
- Nextgen scania l6 and v8 engine brake sounds added.
- Renault t retarder sounds change.


Voith, Kriechbaum

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