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Firts pack spain company transports, includes in this pack: Aciondo ( magnum+trailer frio), Acrena (trailer), Avelino ( Iveco+trailer lona), Almiramar (magnum+frio), Babytrans (volvo fh new+ MB new +trailer), Blastrans (trailer lona), Frialsa ( Trailer frio), Genebrando Castro (trailer lona), Granxatrans (Daf xf106+ trailer lona), Grupo Antolin ( trailer lona), Grupo Riberebro ( trailer lona), Hnos Robledo ( Volvo fh new+trailer frio), Igoa y patxi ( Daf xf106+trailer lona), Lanjatrans ( Trailers 3 types lona ), Viuda Tadeo Juan ( MB new+ Trailer lona), Thermotransit ( Volvo FH new+ Frio), Tolosa y Pardo ( trailer lona ), Tomas Arrieta ( Daf 106+ trailer), Tomas Expediciones ( Trailer lona ), Grupo Ambor ( trailer frio), Transcur ( MB new+ trailer frio), Transmoya ( trailer), Trans Noriega ( Daf xf106 + Trailer lona ).

Working in 1.33, 1.34, 1.35. All trailers Standard. No re-upload pls. THX.


Israelgv lobomorunga

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