Low deck chassis addons for Schumi's trucks by Sogard3 1.35-1.36 v3.5

Mod for European Truck Simulator in category Other

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Mod updated to v3.5!
-Fixed DAF XF 105 for version 2.6.

New in v3.4
-Fixed Volvo FH 2009 for 1.4.

New in v3.3
-Fixed Mercedes Actros for version 3.0.

New in v3.2
-Fixed Iveco Hi-Way for version 2.8.
-Added new spoiler for Iveco Hi-Way.

New in v3.1
-Fixed Mercedes New Actros for version 2.0.
-Added new front fenders.

Changelog in v3.0
-Fixed Mercedes New Actros for verson 1.9.
-Added exhaust, you can find it on sideskirts.

Changes in v2.9
-Fixed DAF XF Euro6 for version 3.1.

low deck chassis addons for Schumi's trucks.

New in v2.5
-Fixed Hi-Way for v2.6 1.35.
-Fixed Daf XF Euro6 for v2.9 1.35.
-Added new spoiler for Daf XF Euro6 Super Space Cabin(Template included inside zip file).

New in v2.6
-Fixed Renault Premium for v4.7.1 1.35.

New in v2.7
-Fixed Daf XF Euro6 for v3.0 1.35.

New in v2.8
-Fixed rear top fenders on Renault Premium



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