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KRONOS TELEMETRY V0.7.1A MODKronos telemetry is a stand-alone telemetry client for android devices. Kronos can pull data from the server (funbit’s and/or AcuSync) and print/render it in real time.

Its written fully in C# .Net 4.x, 60 scripted controllers, thousands lines of code and counting, powerful raw Json parser(by Beta Dynamics and Egersys), Realtime lighting and Post-processingChangelog:

version 0.7.1a (preview build)

* [Fix] UI misplacement for 18:9 screen ratio

* [Fix] Corrected screen space computation

* [Fix] Properly handle DynamicTextures getting destroyed

* [Fix] Fixed frame rate hitches during Sprites generation

* [ADD]Parsing speed is now manageable (x1/sec, x2/sec, x3/sec, x4/sec)

* [ADD] Lighting shaders and dashboard materials

* [ADD] Game check state (Disabling unnecessary updates/calculations)

* [ADD] New GUI for Skins menu

* [ADD] Freightliner Skin

* [ADD] Renault magnum – Gen2 SkinNotes:

version 0.7.1a (hotfix)

* Only 4 skins has been ported (Man TGX [Dark and Light], Renault magnum Gen 2, Freightliner.)

* Only Server 4.0.0 is compatible

* “General” settings will allow to manage the parsing speed (/refresh rate), and Post-Fx activation

* To bring the menu up, Tap and hold “Menu” button and Drag upwards. To hide it. drag downwards.

* Renault Magnum Trip-computer is not implemented.

* crash on loading time may still happen. use fairly new devices for testing (2Gb RAM or more recommended)

* Freightliner skin has really big files (7,2Mb/texture) and may take a while to open.


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