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1. The new small town of Camponocecchio (I)
- radus company
2. The new small town of Castelnovo (I)
- Fastrans company
3. Fix some minor issues
4. Correction of some problems on the roads
5. The new small town of Monteduro (I)
- Roadwork in the company
6. City of Drammen (N)
- Roadwork in the company
- Company gradis
- Corporate container port
7. Naantali (FIN)
- A new look at the road
8. Fixed a problem in the A10 tunnel highway near Salzburg (A)
9. Fixed road around Salzburg (A)
10. Fixed roads around Munich (D)
11. Terrain on the highway around Leipzig (D)
12. Leipzig city (D) a new view
13. Fixed all minor issues inside the city of Leipzig (D)
14. Fixed all connections from Highbei to the city of Leipzig (D).
15. Updated all document data in DEF for 1.35
16. Updated all models and engines for 1.35 (about 500 models)
17. Updated all prefabs for 1.35
18. Fixed 1128 SCS characters that cause errors in the MOD card
19. A new view of the city of Leipzig (D)
- MHAPro service company
20. New road connections with Leipzig (D)
21. New highway near the city of Leipzig (D)
22. Fixed connection from Leipzig (D) to the southern part of the city
23. Connected Highway South of Leipzig (D)
24. New Kassel (D)
25. New roads around Kassel (D)
26. New connections with the city of Kassel (D)
27. New D7 highway from Kassel to the south
28. New route from Kassel to Erfurt (D)
29. New connections around Erfurt (D)
30. New roads around Erfurt (D)


Heavy Alex

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