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Grand Utopia is an imaginary world that invites virtual truck drivers to discover new places and new roads. Inspired by France, this imaginary island country is currently under development. I pay particular attention to building a world of high quality. Emphasize quality rather than quantity!

You must have ALL the DLC MAPs to make the map work.

→ city of Egeskov added
→ mod converted to ETS 1.34.x
→ added custom warehouses
→ custom announcements added
→ some minor mapping errors corrected
→ some minor bugs fixed

Version 1.1:

- added the city of Rivenchy
- added the city of Gavroche
- added the city of Monteil

- toll prices have been corrected
- the number plates of the AI vehicles have been corrected
- the rain inside the tunnels has been corrected
- the missing road for Globeur (Pérignat) has been corrected
- the economy has been corrected

- correct
some minor mapping errors - some minor bugs fixed

Changes v1.5
Includes version 1.4.5 exclusive cities and a brand new city. So, you'll find in this version:
- Montbois
- Chalezeule
- Saint-Angel
- Dolan-sur-Mer

In that update, discover 9 new cities: Ghyvelde, Saint-Vaury, Saint-Benoît, Ville-Marie, Gravouland, Tours, La-Baie-du-Chien, Krewit, Chavanon.



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