IronHorse radio Show #1 v1.0

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I thought I would share my love of music with all of you fellow ATS fans. I only play 70s 80s 90s rock/pop/metal/classic rock/hard rock/hair metal (glam)/dance. If you have a request drop me an email
[email protected]
[email protected]
If you have any input feed back or a request I will get those requests in the next show. I am using a new piece of software to put these shows together so they will get better and better as I go. thanks to open source radio myself and thousands of others have been left out in the cold as they decided to not provide service anymore. So I thought I love this game why not get something going here. I want to try for 2 shows a week to start. I hope u enjoy this and I welcome any constructive feed back. any negative will be ignored.


IronHorse radio

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ATS_IronHorse_Radio_Show_#1 _Oct.21.2017 24.10 2017 06:30
ATS_IronHorse_Radio_Show_#1 _Oct.21.2017ATS_IronHorse Radio Show #1 Oct_21_2017 -==IMPORTANT READ THIS==-.txt 2.19 KB 21.10 2017 09:37
ATS_IronHorse_Radio_Show_#1 _Oct.21.2017ATS_IronHorse_Radio_Show_#1 _Oct.21.2017.mp3 292 MB 21.10 2017 09:06
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ATS_IronHorse_Radio_Show_#1 _Oct.21.2017ats_Gamepicture.png 435 KB 23.10 2017 10:51
ats_00021.png 2.4 MB 20.10 2017 10:29