MACK Pinnacle CHU613 Truck v2.4

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MACK Pinnacle CHU613 Truck v2.4Changelog 2.4

Compatibility update for ATS 1.38 (Horn Fix)

UV Maps on Painted Tanks correctedChangelog 2.3

Added support for the Flattop Variant

Added Support for Flattop AccessoriesChangelog 2.2

New headlights are now brighter and more realistic

All painted parts are matched exact now

Mack logo on back sleeper wall now visible from external view

Corrected mismatched part colors

Thicker animated windows

Quick Jobs configuration is complete with all trim

Heavy Haul and Special transport are configured with lights, horns, trim, heavy motors and transmissions

Interior Round Mack Logo on back cab wall now visible from exterior view

Added new OEM Mack Horns

Added Stock Top lights

GPS physical position corrected. Now facing the driver viewpoint correctly.

GPS now visible from external view

Added Clean option for stock exhaust pipes

New passenger Mirrors

New High Resolution Chrome/Gold Mack Bulldog hood ornaments

New Paint Template. Support for Stock Painted Fenders, StylePak Fenders, NEW Flat top variant and Fuel Tanks.

Flat Top variant releasing soon to 2.1

Updated with Kreichbaum’s 1.37 MP8 soundpackChangelog 2.0

SCS ATS 1.37 Adaptation

AeroKit is optional now

Sun visor is removable now

Rear painted fenders UV map fixedstandalone;

– Car dealership Mack;

– 2 cabins;

– 6 chassis;

– A large number of engines and transmissions;

– Own interior (4 options);

– Tuning;

– Accessories in the cabin;

– Cable support;

– Present in the gallery.


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