FREIGHTLINER FLB 1.36 Truck v1.0

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FREIGHTLINER FLB 1.36 TruckFreightliner FLB V2.1.0 edited by Mootill, Harven, & Lucasi, ParadoxParadox changes:

v2.1.0 (ATS / ETS2 1.36)

Dashboard resolotion fixed.

Truck physics adjusted.

Wheel positions balanced.

Shade problem fixed

New Engines and sounds added.(CUMMINS 444)Paradox changes:

v2.0.9 (ATS/ETS2 1.36)

Some bug fixes.

Chrome parts reflection fixed.

Headlights reflection fixed.

New modfication parts added for front bumper.v2.0.8 (ATS/ETS2 1.36)

Fixed for 1.36 ets2 game version

Sold in mod truck dealer


Useless mat s deletedMootill’s changes:

v2.0.7 (ATS/ETS2 1.35)

Fixed incompatible image error on mudflap icons (resized to 256×64)

Added period correct apportioned plates

Reduced filesize of mod from 521mb to 133mb!

Included updated template


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