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FORD TRUCKS F-MAX FIXED V1.5 ETS2Changelog 21 Nov.11.19

– Wheel adjustment animation has been reset

– Interior glass brightness is adjusted.

– Plastic parts material has been adjusted.

– Some missing faces over mirror has been added.

– Steering Wheel has new gloss.Changelog v1.5

– Locale problems resolved.

– Added German Translation (Thanks to xXCARL1992Xx)

– Speedometer animation corrected

– Torque curve adjusted.

– Missing icon have replaced.Original F-MAX Interior and Exterior

FORD Trucks Dealer (in Berlin and optional)

Original Dashboard

Original Sounds (Ford Cargo 1842T from EngineVoiceRecords)

Standalone Modding

Animated Handbrake

Animated Pedals

Support for Cabin Accessories

Support for SiSL Mega Pack

Cabin lights(blue)

Skin Template

Compatible with standard game features

Compatible Game Version: 1.36.x, 1.35.x4×2 Normal and LL Chassis

EcoTorq 12.7L Engine

500 PS engine, 2500 Nm torq

ZF 12TX2620 Gearbox

Changeable Front Grill(Black or White)

600L Main Fuel Tank + 450L Extra Fuel Tank (Optional)

GPS NavigationOrginal catalog color

Support for Turkish Paint Jobs Pack DLC

Support for Window Flag DLC

Truck of the Year Paint Job

FIA European Truck Championship Paint Jobs

Support for European Logistics Companies Paint Jobs Pack (Mod)Side Skirt

Adjustable Spoiler (Low(standard), Low 2, High, Very High, Mid High)

Customizable Sunshield

Animated Mudflaps (optional)

Different screens for navigation (standart, small gps, multimedia)

Top bar for lighting

Realistic license plate(SCS Software or Custom)

You can buy from Mod Dealer

You can choice on Quick Jobs

You can start a new profile with this truck


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