FORD F-MAX FIXED 1.36.X Mod v1.0

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FORD F-MAX V1.0 FIXED 1.36.X ModChanges:

* Fixed dealer (Fix is included in the archive)*Original F-MAX Interior and Exterior

*FORD Trucks Dealer (in Berlin and optional)

*Original Dashboard

*Original Sounds (Ford Cargo 1842T from EngineVoiceRecords)

*Standalone Modding

*Animated Handbrake

*Animated Pedals

*Support for Cabin Accessories

*Support for SiSL Mega Pack

*Cabin lights(blue)

*Skin Template

*4×2 Normal and LL Chassis

*EcoTorq 12.7L Engine

*500 PS engine, 2500 Nm torq

*ZF 12TX2620 Gearbox

*Changeable Front Grill(Black or White)

*600L Main Fuel Tank + 450L Extra Fuel Tank (Optional)

*GPS Navigation

*Orginal catalog color

*Support for Turkish Paint Jobs Pack DLC

*Support for Window Flag DLC

*Truck of the Year Paint Job

*FIA European Truck Championship Paint Jobs

*Support for European Logistics Companies Paint Jobs Pack (Mod)

*Side Skirt

*Adjustable Spoiler (Low(standard), Low 2, High, Very High, Mid High)

*Customizable Sunshield

*Animated Mudflaps (optional)

*Different screens for navigation (standart, small gps, multimedia)

*Top bar for lighting

*Realistic license plate(SCS Software or Custom)

*You can buy from Mod Dealer

*You can choice on Quick Jobs

*You can start a new profile with this truck

*Compatible with standard game features

*Compatible Game Version: 1.36.x, 1.35.xFORD TRUCK DEALER!


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