SmithCo Side Dump Trailer v1.3

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SmithCo Side Dump v1.3 TrailerFinally – an actual side dump trailer for ATS! Haul soil, sand, and gravel in style with the SmithCo Side dump!100% scratch made by Dogebilt- features advanced coupling and landing gear animations.Did a complete overhaul of the trailer:

-Compatible with ATS 1.36

-New tarp system

-New suspension

-Various detailing

-Ownable single and rocky mountain double configurations

-Ownable version has paintable bodyAdditional notes:

-The ownable double configuration might have some issues with being too long in some locations. I’ve tested most with the stock W900 daycab and was able to load and unload in all locations I have tested with a little difficulty. The only issue I’ve found has been at the Bitumen construction sites where the pup will spawn at a harsh upward angle – no damage is done.


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