Ownable SCS Fuel Tanker v1.0

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This mod makes the SCS Fuel Tanker trailers ownable and working with the cargo market.



-Changeable wheels


-Trailers have been re-UV mapped

-Features Regular single, Long single, Rocky Mountain double, and Turn Pike double configurations

-Pup in Rocky Mountain double made by me using the SCS regular fuel tanker as a base

-All skins made by me. Skins include both in game companies and real companies. The skins are: Chemso, Gallon Oil, Shell, Love’s, Chevron, Exxon, Jackson Energy, Mobil, and Texaco. They are not my best skinning work, but they’re good enough.

-More cargo pickup and dropoff locations than the freight market fuel tanker (some realistic, some a bit more unrealistic)

-New cargo – Used Oil


Version 1:

Initial release

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