C&M Forwarding Combo v1.0

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Hey! I updated this mod of C&M Forwarding! Since I was still learning the file naming pattern, the first skin I had done before wasn't good. So now I learned how to name the files properly thanks to Undersscore_101_3. This is a combination of the truck and trailer skin. It works with the Volvo VNL 780 and is compatible with axelrol's VNL Extra Parts. The trailer is made to be used for the Dry and Insulated Vans as I strive to keep realism as that is what the company uses in real life. Do NOT use the front wind deflector or else game will CTD! (Also because of realism.)

More Skins coming soon! The skins will be released in conjunction with my YT Videos featuring the skins.


SCS(Truck and Trailer), NorthEast Logistics(Skins), Underscore_101_3(Teaching me about proper filenaming), axelrol(VNL Extra Parts)

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