PHYSICS REWORK 6 1.36.X Mod v1.0

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PHYSICS REWORK 6 1.36.X ModA regular version of physicsRecommended settings for v6:

uset g_cam_physics_value “1”

uset g_cam_physics “1”uset g_cabin_suspension_stiffness “-1”

uset g_suspension_stiffness “0.3”

uset g_trailer_stability “0.3”

uset g_truck_stability “0.5”residual_travel[] in chassis defs – default (0.10 and 0.088)ATTENTION!

The g_cabin_suspension_stiffness parameter is set to “-1”! If you move the cabin suspension slider in the game’s config, the parameter g_cabin_suspension_stiffness cannot become negative again! Then you have to set it to “-1” manually (in the console or in the profile’s config.cfg file)!Game v1.35-1.36


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