Better Flares 3.1b for ATS 1.37.x v1.0

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Better Flares 3.1b for ATS 1.37.xBetter Flares 3.1 is an adapted version of Better Flares 3.0.1, with converted textures to latest. Compatible with ATS 1.37.

5/5 Fixed front blinkers intensity difference

4/5 Added LED Traffic Lights addon

2/5 Fixed Traffic lights not shown error

1/5 Updated whole BF Base structure to BF3.3 ETS2 standards

minor fixes30/4 Fixed lots of errors in the log

Removed Jazzys BDF pack add-on – only two trucks and causing errors28/4 First version 3.1

All credits to Avelium for the mod

Many thanks to cip, Billy_Costigan and Slider_556.

Special thanks to Rockeropasiempre for the LED traffic light addon.


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