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v0.1.7 -
Billings improvements added -
Fixed North Dakota not showing in freight market screen -
Added welcome to Montana/NDakota at border on US Hwy 2 -
Removed 3 sectors used in Project North -
Various adjustments map wide -

v0.1.6 -
Billings rebuild started -
Williston added(no city,1 buisness)
Fixed Shelby 35 mph speed limit heading east on US 2.
Fixed Lewistown Sellgoods -
Adhusted S west of Lewistown -
various adjustments map wide -

v0.1.5 -
Connection to Project North - Idaho/Wyoming added - DuckieBae
Town of Culbertson, Montana added (2 companies , no city yet)
Wibaux, Montana and Beach, North Dakota scale - fra_ba

v0.1.4 -
Havre rebuild started -
Bozeman area started -
Missoula rebuild started with garage -
US 2 and US 87 improvements -
Shelby farm added -
Town of Big Sandy added with 1 buisness -
various improvements/fixes -


xRECONLOBSTERx - Montana Expansion FLD - prefabs fra_ba - WibauxMt/NDakota scale

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