Mexico Extremo 1.36 Map ATS v2.1.11

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Mexico Extremo v2.1.11 1.36 Map ATSChangelog in 2.1.11

-Map updated to version 1.36.x for ATS

-Minor improvements for bug fixes in certain areas

-Mega resources package updated to 2.1.4Changes in 2.1.10

Fixed all detected invisible walls

All detected bugs fixedChanges in 2.1.9 from 06/28/19

-Fixed invisible wall on the bridge near the city of Mazatlan (Villa Unión)

-Fixed invisible wall in Canatlan repair shop

– Soil correction in the construction of a building in Vallarta

-Fixed floating grass in Tepic

-Fixing houseboats in Sombrerete.

-Fix traffic in tollbooth

-Fixed floating objects, such as lamps in the construction zone and in cities.

-Fixed traffic blocking in Durango (Durango)

-Fix traffic loss in Vallarta.Changes in 2.1.9

-Map updated to version 1.35.x, which includes all updates, such as voice GPS, new visual effects, etc.

– The card works with DX11 (same as DX9)

-Main improvements in the landscaping of the states of Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and Durango, you really need to travel the roads again!

-Included new graphical improvements, such as improved reflection on asphalt, water, various use of textures, new textures from DLC Washington

-New custom models.

-New Mexican bridges, next to the real Mexican bridge, more realism, no crashing over bridges.

Reconstructed Durango-Mazatlan Highway with new bridges and landscape. The same route has been slightly optimized.

– General optimization of the entire project. in the main cities everything should be in order, and many difficult areas in the mountains will still work on a future version to optimize the map without losing quality.

-Fixed a bug where the police escort machine disappeared on a special route from Aguascalientes to Zacatecas

-Fixed a bug due to which you could not unload in the mine of Guanachevi.

-Fixed weather effect under bridges and tunnels, there is no more rain in the tunnels.

-Fixed some texts of road signs.

-New areas for sleeping and refueling.

-Better tracking and some improvements on highway 45, between Fresnillo Durango, see it again.

-Better traffic handling at specific points

-Functional car show Kenworth on the map.

-Correction of flying objects, holes and other small visual effects on the map.

-Roughness on asphalt general correction

-Fix several problems and errors recorded in the last 3 months.

-Main changes in the Mega Resources file for optimization, correction of signals, compatibility with any other mod (for example, C2C)

-Fixed Walbert prefab in Everett, WA

-Fixed some SCS characters (for example, wrong position, color of characters, etc.), There is no longer a replacement for SCS characters in the Mega Resources file.

-Fixed a hole in Yuma, in the Viva Mexico map file.

-Fixed map background in Viva Mexico and Mexico Extremo, so Washington state can be displayed with an inscription.

-Fixed some minor problems on the Mexico Extremo map, such as holes, invisible walls, water level error, -Overlapping trees, etc.

-More optimization in cities, especially in Parral.NEW MEXICO DLC NEEDED


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